Upcoming Event Finder Tool Changes

_TL;DR - We’re transitioning the event finder tool to focus on connecting players to live League events while winding down online tournament prize support through the tool. The tool’s new look and functionality will go live on **May 4**. We’re also looking to integrate collegiate and local sponsored events into the tool, though live dates for these features are still TBD._ Hey folks, Many of you are doubtless thinking “event finder...what the heck is that?” Well, that’s part of what we’re trying to address. We created the tool years ago with the goal of helping players meet up for live events as well as giving them a workable way to organize and obtain prize support for online tournaments. Unfortunately, the tool hasn’t scaled well over the years - it’s only very sparingly used for live events, and the online prizing support feature is almost equally unknown while being heavily and repeatedly used by an extremely small minority of players (less than 1% of the NA player base). We’re obviously to blame for a lot of these problems, as we haven’t very well promoted the tool or guided usage. We’re hoping to change that this year (in line with our wider 2016 live event efforts) by refocusing event finder around promotion, support, and prizing for live gatherings and events. Simultaneously, we’ll be transitioning the tool away from support and prizing for online-only tournaments. Although event finder will no longer support online-only tournament setup, mixed events that begin online and culminate in a live component will still be supported and eligible for prizing. Online tournament prize support is something we may want to re-explore in the future, but based on current use we don’t believe the event finder tool is the way to make it work. Instead, we’ll refocus those resources on supporting live events across North America that can hopefully offer awesome experiences to a greater variety and number of players. We know these changes will significantly impact the small number of players currently using the tool for online prizing support, so we’re giving advance notice in order to give affected players time to prep for the change. We’ll roll out these changes and the tool’s new look on May 4. Beyond that, we want to continue building up the tool as a way for local communities to get together and share their passion for League. To that end, we’re working to integrate collegiate events into the tool, and more tentatively exploring the potential for sponsored partner events. More details to come! Feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments for us to address, otherwise we’ll have more details to share once the changes take effect next month. Edit for clarity : this change is only happening in NA at this moment. Other regions are at their own discretion for how they want to support these the tournaments.
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