Heimerdinger's VU Feedback

Seeing as you have to have a PBE account to comment on PBE stuff (there should be somewhere non PBE players can post feedback about PBE changes) i'll post here about Heimerdinegr's VU. Overall I think it looks great, I like the push towards making him look like the same species as Ziggs and all the skins have so much more detail to them. All the new VO lines are great too however he doesn't quite sound like Heimer, the tone is ever so slightly off, I don't know if that's because the Voice Actor gave him a slightly different voice this time or there was a small filter on the old VO. Either way I think it should be looked at and brought slightly back in line with the old VO's tone. Speaking of VO's I think Alien Invader Heimerdinger should be given a voice filter to make his voice sound a little bit alien like. At the very least it'll bring the skin up to Teemo's level of a Legendary skin. A little on the negative side I think that Blast Zone Heimerdinger looks a little boring, a bit too close to a recolor (if that's the aim then don't worry) rather than an exploded Heimer and the hair looks a little fake. Finally I think that his rockets should be changed based on your skin. eg: Snowmerdinger's rockets should be gingerbread rockets! You already have the model from his recall and dance animations so why not? It'd also be that little bit more epic if Snowmerdingers grenade was a big snowball! :D New sounds should be added if appropriate. So overall a really good VU! Just one or two tweaks and it could be perfect! Keep up the great work with your VU's. As a Heimer player i'm excited! :D
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