Can we please learn the difference between being a bad player and just having a bad game

after watching others and myself get called the worst players in league because we have done bad in one game it is starting to irritate me there is a massive difference between having one bad game (which we all have at some point, YES EVEN YOU) and just being plain bad at this game. We are all humans we are going to make mistakes and mess up and lose lane and play bad every once in a while it doesn't help (at all) when you sit there and nag at the person telling him he is garbage and should uninstall (please stop doing this btw) it doesn't help that person learn the game and your not helping your team out at all by making him feel bad for playing like this once. believe me we are sorry for doing bad and not being the raging carry that you wanted us to be each and every game day in and day out. So please stop trying to pin the whole game on the one person that is doing bad one person can not lose a game for you a team loses a game he may have made some hefty mistakes but if no one else was making mistakes than the team could easily pick up his slack and he may even start to play better which will more likely result in a win (which is what you want to see) TLDR: please stop whipping the one team mate who is having a bad game in chat and focus on how your playing so that maybe you can pull it together and win, one person cant lose you a game.
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