League of Legends is a perfect example of what's wrong with this world

Let's pretend that I am a human being who has been around a lot of death and destruction for most of my life assuming that I was prior military and still work over seas 90% of the year in places that most others in this world would never go to. I mean it is the internet right, no one would actually think I would ever do such a thing, so thus; we are pretending. Being a player since season 2 when this game was a lot more mellowed down and fun I enjoyed this, but over the years I am disgusted and ready to call it quits. Any of you reading this that have a shred of maturity in your bodies please take this to heart. Each and every single person playing this game is a human being . We all have brains we all have thoughts and we all have hearts. I don't understand why it has come down to the point where people are giving each other death threats over a video game and saying things to one another that are so obscene that it should be illegal. I mean I get it, you're hiding behind a computer with your 12 inch internet dicks out, but for the love of God, if you come onto this game to insult, degrade and belittle people while saying things like "I wish you were dead" (that being one of the smaller brutal insults I have seen) all the way up to some really fucked up shit then you have problems. This game used to be fun to waste some time on during the nights but game after game all I see are monsters that don't even resemble human beings anymore. Do me a favor, if you are reading this and the next time you feel the need to verbally unload on someone why don't you think twice and maybe just take a chill pill. Were all human, chances are you are not a professional video game player and let's be realistic you probably won't ever be one. So take into mind the things you say to people and grow the fuck up. God forbid I can't wait to see the comments, try and show a once of maturity.

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