Happy BURFday

Plox {{item:3070}} {{champion:266}} {{item:3070}} Okay, in the past, Rito has had special events that include Pool Party, Bilgwater, Ext. Some of these events allowed players to receive free Mystery skins, Mystery Champions, Icons and Ward Skins. I think, if your birth-date were required for your account creation, that Rito could give people gifts on their birthday! I think this should only be for active players, and the gifts aren't free champs right away. I think the gifts could start as Icons or Ward Skins for players with a couple years of playing, then the more experienced players can get things like Mystery Skins and Mystery Champions for their birthday. I think this would be something that would make all players happy. I know you want money Rito, but I just want you to wish players a Happy BURFday.
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