Why don't people who call me a "f****** diamond 5 idiot" get banned. I never get told that a player I reported got banned. Play with a Riven smurf and the only thing he has to say is that I am garbage and that I should just give up and quit. I am only Diamond 5 and that makes me worthless. I understand people will say "oh just mute them". Too bad that option hasn't been implemented in pre game and post game chat where I get to be harassed and trash talked after I already lost the game and Lp. Can players be tagged or something by reports and be muted by others before they even begin trashing on them. Winning games dosnt even feel worth it anymore if I will just be flames when I lose the next game. I get a good fun game 1 in every 100 matches I play. So far ide say 90% of the ranked games I have played people have flames and tilted the living sh** out of each other immediately putting our team at a disadvantage.

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