I need help on Yasuo

I need a bit of help on Yasuo. I don't really want to play him, but my friend really wants to. I want him to get good at Yasuo because he's hard to play, but I can't find much. I play him in custom games to try to help him. His reaction time with w is really good, but I destroyed him with Kennen when it was my first time playing Kennen. It may be because I am lvl 29 and he is lvl 18, but I want him to be better than me. I want him to be so good, that he could beat me if I go any champ. I would like advice for Yasuo, not "practice make perfect", because I already know that. One thing I looked up but didn't seem to work was the jungle creep wall glitch. It may have been just that I was doing it wrong or it just was that he got nerfed. If you guys have any advice, especially for early game, I would love to hear it. Thanks.

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