All I hear is "TryHARD"

Hi Guys. I'm gunna rant a bit cuz I'm in a pretty bad mood, so if you're going to troll then please click the back arrow. I have had it quite honestly with this game's community. I joined League last year after playing DOTA 2 for 3 prior to that in order to see what the hype was all about. The concept was pretty easy, as LOL is based off DOTA, and I quickly got the hang of it. However, along my journey, I've encountered people whom are just the worst people to play with and against. In normal games, they quickly accused me of being a smurf, or they just called me "tryhard." I'll admit, I probably have a higher understanding of the game than a typical level 19, but I absolutely cannot be patient with anyone that slanders me like that. I managed to endure this abuse for a while, saying to myself that when I start playing the higher levels, they would stop. I realize that not everyone is like those salty jerky strips, but in my journey so far there has only been this negative tension in games that I play. My experience with this game has led me to believe that League is a turn off to new players trying to work their way up to Level 30. Amidst the trolling, toxicity, and smurfing, those people try to eke out slivers of fun, but that ends up being virtually impossible. Genuine newcomers to MOBA's feel outclassed by the skill level that this game demands. To make matters worse, they are forced to listen to people angry at them for little mistakes because they didn't "engage correctly" or the ubiquitous "KS OMFG." Because they obviously do not know any better, they have to deal with ragers' snide remarks at their gameplay and endure their exasperation, which is an intimidation they clearly do not deserve. So after a while, those new people stop playing, too discouraged to continue playing an otherwise great game. To me, the only thing that would stop them from quitting would be the social element, where they can queue up with their friends. But if its a solo newcomer, woe betide him as he travels through the corridor of agony that is the community of "low ELO" League. Sometimes it's not even low ELO that has toxicity. Take Shaclone for example. I admire his mechanics on Shaco, but he is commonly limited to 5 chat messages because of his detrimental voicings. It just goes to show that even later, players will have to deal with people who have no sense of morality. So far, I've touched on the subjects relating to newcomers, but let's talk about the new game modes for a bit. A game on URF was actually what spurred me to write this long thing. I like URF. It's very free, like the DOTA sandbox mode. You can have a lot of fun with heroes you typically don't play, and you still could come on top (#APREK'SAI @KSHAWAY). It's very gimmicky and I am a supporter of keeping it. However, the one thing that always holds this game back is the certain types of people in this community. Just recently, I played Poppy on URF after experiencing two games of my team getting our asses handed to us by a midget with a hammer. I thought that she would be cool to play, as I never played her before. In the game, it went pretty well until our team started accumulating kills. All of a sudden nearing the end of the game, the Ashe on the other team starts raging, calling us "tryhards on URF" and "people who make URF not fun." The Miss Fortune piping in, saying that "I came on this game mode to try out hybrid MF and have fun, but you guys are making it impossible." Soon their entire team starts cussing us out, and this in turn made me extremely irritated. First of all, they were the ones who decided to pick those heroes and play them in a certain way. There is no plausible reason for them to blame us for their losing trend. Secondly, it's URF. If you're going to say "play a normal so you can tryhard there," then seriously, don't play the game mode if you're so afraid of losing. Lastly, it is salty beings like the Ashe that make the game not fun, yet so many of his kind refuse to believe it is the fault of their toxic behavior. We were just playing our game and happened to do well. If they were winning, none of their salt would have been exposed. They probably would have even said how "easy" this game was. (Which has happened to be multiple times. "GGEZ" is the phrase that I absolutely cannot stand as it belittles the people who play the game.) So we won, and the Ashe decides to make fun of my teammate's names, calling it MLG and beta shit. That low blow was extremely uncalled for and it acts as an example of how desperate sore losers can be to get in that cheap shot. League of Legends is a great game. It's one I'd recommend to all of my friends if only it wasn't a pit of toxic waste. Just to stress again, I know that the salty players aren't a representation of the entire League Community (much like not all Muslims are radical Jihadists), but I feel like there is a higher concentration of salt dissolved in this cesspool of players. League could have so much more potential if it wasn't held back by sore losers and cocky idiots, but everything has its flaws. TL;DR This game is hell for newcomers. URF is a game mode for fun, so stop spamming "tryhard" in chat when you lose. Play Poppy if you want enemy to rage. Thanks. That made me feel a bit better.
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