My girlfriend died today

Two die in Saturday accident
BROOKFIELD TOWNSHIP - An Owendale woman has lost her mother and daughter following a fatal accident last night in Huron County. Huron County Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson reports 73-year-old Judith G. Davidson and 16-year-old Myah C. Mulrath, both of Owendale, died after a Gagetown teen allegedly failed to yield the right-a-way at about 9 p.m.
I have never posted on the boards before and i highly doubt anyone will pay attention to this, but that's not much of a concern for me because i'm more just using this to vent my sadness and give some kind of tribute to the love of my life, sorry if things seem broken up or out of place, I'm fighting tears typing and honestly just winging it. Myah Mulrath was my girlfriend, the love of my life, and my best friend even if that is an awkward statement to make about someone i never met in person. We met online a few years ago and gradually talk more and more as time went on. We were separated by a gap of 2k miles seeing as i live in Arizona and she lived in Michigan and had plans to meet for the first time ever this month. Sadly, she died today in a car accident. As silly as it may sound, a huge part of why we ended up as a couple was due to League. She got the game and really enjoyed it, and persuaded me to get it as well. This is what started our daily conversations, we would wake up at the same time, despite time zones, and get on league to play the game for hours on end everyday over the summer while in a Skype call. After our 8 hours of playing we'd stay in the call for the rest of the day until we both passed out only to wake up and repeat the process. We got extremely close during this time and this eventually translated into us both awkwardly admitting our interest in each other at the same time (tho i shamefully admit she said it first cause i was too much of a wimp). We relied on each other a lot. As stereotypical teen like as it is to say, both of us were rather depressed people, my parents had just divorced and she was dealing with her family being unable to even afford food. Whenever one of us was down, the other was there to pick them up and bring at least a little joy. We didn't go a single day for over a year, without talking for at least 4-5 hours minimum, even if some of it was just while playing league. We grew to love each other very deeply, not one secret was unknown to the other and we could always count on each other to make sure we never were sad or angry or whatever for too long. Now, however, i have to go through the worst depression of my life without her to help me and i honestly don't know what to do, hence why i'm ranting on a league of legends board. Myah was a very caring person, overly caring even as she cared about others and their happiness infinitely more than her own. She was also very self conscious about herself, even looking into a mirror would bring her to sadness, even though i personally found her beautiful. She was quite the gamer as well, though she would never admit it, she could kick my ass in league and any other video game you could think of. We only ever did placements for ranked because her internet was very unstable and she didnt want to mess up others games so she never found out how good she really was. Despite this I always commented on how she should go pro, to which she would respond "I'm a girl so i can't" (Thanks Remi for giving me a counter point) Her ign is Silver Wolv and she was an Anivia fanatic. I bought her a lot of Anivia merch over the course of our relationship and she always wanted more. Her Anivia play was on point 24/7 and always begged for anivia nerfs so she could play her even more often. I promised her id design an Anivia skin and try in vain to get it made by Riot(could you imagine an Infernal Anivia), however i don't have that chance anymore, though i guess i could try now. "Hey Riot, I would be honored if you could make an Anivia skin for my girlfriend" I was quite the lucky guy to be loved by someone so amazing. I don't know if i can play league anymore without crying because i only ever played with her, ill definantly still follow the game though Sorry for such a long rant, im not sure if it fits guidelines or not and if it'll be taken down or not but i just really needed to type something about her, because im broken right now. Thank you singular reader i will probably get for taking the time to even glance at this, it means a lot to me though im pretty sure i went off track somewhere along the line. Thank you, im sorry I love you Myah
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