Riot, can we expect the Taric rework in 6.7 or before?

I'm downloading the 6.6 patch right now, and I can't wait to see how some things work out. I recently bought Maokai and his Saplings disappointed me with their duration. Definitely a great patch there! I also want to see how Zz'rot will affect gameplay: creating a new objective, and new gameplay around the objective. (Zz'rot is easier to destroy AND easier to save- making it a nice little base of operations). And- Aurelion Sol! Yes- I am buying him once this patch is done downloading. I can't wait to test him out!! This patch is pretty great! But- I'm still more excited about Taric! lol. So- now that Aurelion Sol is out... Please Riot! When is Taric's rework being released? {{champion:44}}
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