If you solo/duo queue, you really should take a look at this.

(I know its TL/DR but please give it a read) I'm not anyone special so I don't expect much feedback, but I really would appreciate some. I've played now a 150 or so ranked games, and something very simple that also seems to be very easily implemented has peaked my interest. How many times have you played a solo queue and this happens: Immediately upon joining the lobby someone in a lower pick position decides they'd like a roll, and of course doesn't get it. As soon as this happens their reaction is "idc, I'm still going ------" (You get the point). Then, as you'd expect, when its their turn to pick a champion they pick a champ for that position and say something along the lines of "F you, I'm going wherever I want, F pick order" (Whats ironic about this is that these people would be the first to call out pick order if the circumstances were different) And at this point you've lost before the game is started. The rest of the team decides that it would be a good idea to dodge, and ALL agree that they'd rather not play this game. What sucks about this is that the person who decided that pick order doesn't matter has no intentions of dodging, and is usually the fourth or 5th position in the lineup. I usually find myself being the person to either not pick a champ or dodge, because i do honestly and truly follow most guidelines of TEAMWORK OP, and I'm well aware that our chances of losing just went from about 50% to somewhere close to 75%. My problem is that people who make the sacrifice of dodging/not picking a champ are punished, and rather heavily. You lose 3-5 LP every time, and your time waiting varies from 6-30 minutes. I think this is absolutely ridiculous, as it follows no logic whatsoever. Why punish the person who truly has the team in his mind? I feel that I'm saving a bunch of people their time and frustration (Even the guy who didn't get the position he wanted) and I'm punished in a blatantly cruel and unfair way for doing so? In what way is that acceptable? Anyways, my very simple solution to this problem is this: Why not implement some sort of poll system similar to the forfeit system that can be done in the lobby before a match starts. 3/5 people must vote in a positive manner to dodge the lobby, and then given an option to explain why they decided to do so (Sort of a hybrid between the forfeit system and report system). This would save alot of people alot of time, and generally increase the moral of players when they start a game. There is nothing worse that losing a game like the one described earlier, then having to muster up the urge to play another. Not only that, but I see it as a more full-proof way of weeding out badly behaving players, because from my personal experience, I'm usually so drained and disappointed by the end of these types of games, that i neglect to even report the character or explain to the enemy team what happened. This is usually followed by logging off for a few hours/days just because of how frustrating these sorts of people can make the community. Anyone who has connections with anyone of power in RIOT or even someone who can have a direct impact on this, I implore you to seriously think about creating this sort of interface, I truly believe that it would improve the quality of gameplay and function of the LoL community tremendously. Humbly- A concerned LoL player. P.S. Sorry for making it an essay. (I've decided to add something else to this, as people in the comments continue to bring it up without reading the comments first.) As for those of you who have found what I believe to be the most detrimental of abuses for this method, I spit-balled an in-depth explanation of exactly how to thwart it. Here it is: *This is the response to PimpoftheJungle which you can find down below. He was the first to bring up this point and I'm very glad he did, because its a massive loophole in my idea.* "True, I haven't thought of that yet, its a very good point. At the same time however, you'd think that if people were that concerned with the enemy team's composition, people would dodge if they'd truly thought that based on champions alone would cause the loss. Still however, your point stands and makes quite a bit of sense. I guess some sort of limitations could be added to this method, although I'd like to refrain from that. There could also be some sort of sub-category of the tribunal, where the lobby chat in games that are dodged become the cases being looked at, and those who do look at them can decide whether or not the reason for dodging was legitimate. I guess the "punishment" for dodging illegitimately would be say.... after 4 or 5 times of consecutively being considered an "illegitimate dodger"(creative name, right?), the next 5 times you dodge, or for the next week, you have to wait 15-20 mins each time you dodge, regardless of being a legitimate one or not. I think that's a rather fair punishment for the crime, of course these numbers could be switched around to what RIOT personally sees fit, but if I do say so myself I've done quite a good job at patching that hole up. What do you think?"
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