I love that after 5 years of ranked in this game...

You still have to wait 20 minutes to surrender a game where two people have AFK'd from the start. There's still no relief for those people who have to wait through these games. You still lose the same amount of LP for losing because of that. And that the community is such jaded assholes that instead of thinking "We should end this game as quickly as we can so the enemy team doesn't have to deal with it forever" they think "This is a perfect way to pad my KDA like a massive fuckwad. Let me just draw out the game and keep trying to laser kill the enemies in their fountain while not pushing anymore." How the absolute mother fuck have you not done a single goddamn thing about this, Riot? Even fucking DoTA2 has a system in place just to make this kind of shit as painless as possible. How are you so goddamn behind that DoTA2 is more progressive than you? Edit: Reading this, yes I can see it's a very abrasive, tactless, and vulgar post. In my defense, though, the remaining two players and I had to spend 10 goddamn minutes trying to convince the enemy team to push in mid and end the game as fast as possible while trying to dodge your stupid ass leaving penalty on top of them actively using our necessity to leave the spawn as a hunting game for themselves to try and dive us under turret every single time. So no I'm not sorry, and fuck you fix your damn problem.
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