A bunch of trolls cost me my accolades.

So, for as long as I can remember, I've had one of the many accolades. You know, you get this cute little border around your character if enough people say "Hey, she was helpful!" or "Hey, you know, she lost, but she took it like a champ!" I've had green, red, yellow-ish, etc... and last night I'm playing a game, not really doing too hot, either. Someone called ADC, I was playing as Jinx, and from the moment I chose this Champion, the kid who called ADC is calling me a witch with a capital B, threatening to report me, troll me, "kill steal," etc - you get the point. Basically, I had better get him "so fed" or else he's going to "report me." Am I really expected to play as his Support, just because he said so? At the end of the game, they have everyone in the lobby report me (and of course, they agree) and POOF, my pretty little accolade is gone. I reported this kid, even typed out the exact reason why and...yet...it seems as though I receive their punishment. Is this just coincidence or did that just happen? >.>
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