Calling someone "Autistic" is a really dumb insult for League

So what makes you better at video games? Social skills _or_ math? Obviously not Social skills And those who are diagnosed with Autism often struggle with understanding social rules and cues but are proven to be extremely proficient at math, science, engineering, and other like subjects. Famous individuals such as Einstein, Tesla, and Mozart (to name a spare few) were thought to have Autism or a similar social defect. While calling someone Autistic in real life indicates that you're calling them socially inept and/or immature, calling someone Autistic in a video game where social skills matter much less is kind of like saying "you're intelligent". And while you are going to need social skills to co-operate with your team in League- No wait, you aren't because you can ping. Thus concludes why you should consider calling someone "stupid" rather than "Autistic" (unless you are a psychiatrist). ######Cue the downvotes.
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