When did this community become toddler central?

Honestly, these chat restrictions are starting to get annoying. What's the point of playing a game if you're not allowed to talk with your team as well as the enemy team in a jokeful manner? Clearly most of the people know it's just fooling around, then you have the one person who wasn't even involved in the conversation reporting after the game as if they're offended about nobody mentioning them, resulting in me getting chat restricted over something I don't even recall being serious at all since I just randomly log on after a break with one. At one point you could actually have convos with people while playing the game, now everyone wants to pretend they're MLG and report over something as simple as typing in all chat "Your boot's untied.". Guess the LoL staff just wants everyone to play the game and not say a single word, might as well remove the all chat feature unless they use keywords like "report" so you can know to report their team for "Negative activity". S1-S2 were fine, S3 everything started to decline, now it's just pathetic hoping to play the game for fun, which is the reason games are meant to be played, instead of playing to bore yourself to death. Not to mention most of the games I'm pretty sure I get these dumb reports in are games my teams win or I do better than most of the team.
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