So..... Pool Party Event Tomorrow....

So how many of you guys are going to gift people at the end of the game screen? Or gift anything at all? Is anyone going to try to get a lot of points? Or make a 5's team and win all day for 6 days? I don't know about anyone else.... But I want a free champion and a free Pool Party Mundo skin... I was thinking of buying 10$ worth of rp and gifting someone who gifted me even though we barley know each other so yeah XD! That is 10 points already :D! For those rich people out there you should gift random people at end screen if you see me yeah =P??? Lol jk anyways... Who is excited for this event? Do you think we can reach the goal and get the mundo skin? 6 days seems like a small amount of time to get 55 million points.
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