Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!

TL;DR We’re rolling out a new LeaverBuster system to help reduce the frequency of AFKS and leavers that is also significantly more severe in ranked games. **This system will only penalize frequent leavers/afkers**, although players will now get a one time notification in their first leave after the system goes live. --- LeaverBuster is our system for detecting players who frequently leave games or AFK. In the past, we’ve generally erred on the side of caution, and for that reason, many of you have given us the feedback that LeaverBuster hasn’t always seemed effective and some players seemed to just switch to a smurf to dodge the leaving penalties. With this new update, we’ve implemented a significantly more strict design while providing a clear feedback loop. Our goals are to better educate players that AFKing or leaving a game is not acceptable in League, and punish leavers faster and more severely. The **first time** a player leaves a game, they’ll see a pop-up explaining that leaving is not okay and then have to manually agree to not leave future games. **If they continue to repeatedly ruin other players’ experiences**, they’ll enter lower-priority matchmaking for a number of games. While in low priority queue, players will experience queue times that are 5, 10, even 20 minutes longer than a player who hasn't left games. Players will know how many games they have in lower-priority, and if they join a premade group, that group will be notified they are playing with a chronic AFK/leaver and they’ll face the same lower-priority time penalty. While we hope it doesn’t ever happen, if a player fails to stop AFKing or leaving while in lower-priority matchmaking, continued offenses will result in bans. Leave us your feedback below, and we’ll see you on the Rift! --- **I'd also like to take a moment to thank the Rioters who worked on this particular feature: ** RiotLobster, RiotId, boourns, RiotBahamut, RiotComplex, RiotWorldPeace, RiotTantram, davin, RiotChomey, stochasticmx, Fr3nch T0ast, Scezumin, Ryedan, RiotNeurocat, RiotZulu, RiotJayway, RiotBlackrook, Christokkies, RiotStopthief, DoctahWayne, RiotNoyz, and RiotExLibris. **Finally, thanks to the players who helped test the LeaverBuster and find some bugs! The ones who completed the tests will be sent a RP bump in their main accounts over the next few days. ** RaXSpIkE123, iSPZ, ZedRex the 1, T0MMYNAT0R, James Franko, BrandonJamYo, FlashnFuse, IEGP, johnc12369, The British, Grinzpilz, iMNAZAL, Murishani, The Feeder, iPuddingPie, iivan, DotZip, TheCosmicWave, TorretDunker, Yaknose, Tacoworld501, Saerus, edstars101, Wolfeur, Feichti1996, ALEXKOND, Hakaisha89, Ayowel, Lao Fu the Tiger, RendingSaber, Dwark, unknownXX, shrimpp0123, quincymccoy, Intilink, CCkeebs, Zehel72, xStah, xonra.
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