A Request For Help From Xayah and Rakan's Art Team

Hello! My name is Luke, i&#039;m an unranked player on the NA server whose gone by the name BLLLK FLLG and Veraska in the past, i&#039;ve been playing league of legends for about 6 years and it&#039;s one of the biggest parts of my life, i love this game, i love esports, i love the world of league, i love everything about it, the only thing i think i love more then league is my long term partner (whose name will be kept under wraps for now) she&#039;s been playing since the beginning of season 1 and taught me how to play league a long time ago, we started dating right out of highschool and were friends since early childhood, we&#039;ve been intertwined for about 20 years now, and we&#039;re thinking it&#039;s time we started moving forward with things, we&#039;re looking to get a trailer soon, and we&#039;ve been toying with the idea of matching tattoo&#039;s for awhile now! theres a lot of good ideas out there, a sun to her moon, koi fish, ying yang, all good couple tattoo&#039;s but we wanted something a little more specific to us, and that brings us here! she plays xayah, like, a lot of xayah, it&#039;s her favorite champion. And I play rakan! we&#039;re that gross couple that plays bot lane together and are super into the love birds https://68.media.tumblr.com/e06856be7089429126b561298c8a435c/tumblr_ooosweu24q1w10i9bo4_1280.jpg (this is how is ussually goes) Anyways, we were thinking, our favorite pairing in the game that we play together all the time would be perfect! so we started thinking what would be a good xayah and rakan themed tattoo, and then it dawned on us, xayah wears rakans feathers on a little charm thing, and rakan wears xayahs, so we wanted to get those little bird skull things tattoo&#039;d on us, but none of the pictures on line to use as templates do it justice, we wanted something that felt like league, something as natural and had that magic that xayah and rakan naturally already have, and thats where (hopefully) xayah and rakan&#039;s art team comes in we were hoping somebody had some leftover/unused concept art of the skull and feather charms that we could use as templates, or maybe someone would be willing to draw a piece from scratch, something to give it that little extra flair and importance for my 1st tattoo if you could upvote this or spread this for visibility purposes i&#039;d very much appreciate it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} EDIT 1: damn! this thread popped off over night! thank you all so much, also i guess a red responded but his comment got deleted? was it a hack or something? either way i hope this thread gets some real rioter attention lol thank y'all again! EDIT 2: GOT DAMM 200 upvotes and some red heat thank you all so much! <3 EDIT 3: 220 upvotes later we got some great source material from Riot Brightmoon will post pictures of the tattoo's soon! from the bottom of me and FlamingPuppies hearts thank you all so much! LET THERE BE INK {{champion:498}} <3 {{champion:497}}
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