How much would you pay for a weapon of your favorite champion?

Now that iv had a few votes I want to point out it cost between 500- 1000 to make a weapon so I'd need some profit on top of that for the time put into them. Im use you have seen the project yi sword and I make the parts to create things like that. I am hoping to make some form of living out of something i want to do. (if people are willing to pay enough) Needless to say they would be full size and in proportion to the average human (so something likes fizz trident wouldn't be tiny. You can expect it to be this type of quality. Here are just some designs of project leonas and scorched earth renekton. These are just the shape that the sheet metal would need to be before a lot of hand work would go into them. Even if your weapon wasn't from league it could be from another game like warframe. I could also make your weapon designed as a real weapon or as a decoration wall mount. For this project yi sword from globator (who im friends with) it would cost £3000 on his esty page. If you really do want something made add me on Skype :gunattackuk Look for the demon circle

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