37-15-32 over last 6 games.

Record of 0-6. That is a KDA of 4.6 (not bad for what the enemy team was). Teammates over those 6 games: 111-165-197. That is a KDA of 1.8. Fact: Feeding teammates make me drop elo. And that was with a game that we completely crushed them, my team started farming their jungle after taking an inhib instead of helping me defend against the Udyr and Garen taking our 2nd tier tower, inhib tower, inhib, nexus towers, and nexus. All while they farmed the enemy jungle. Wut. Tl;Dr: My KDA: 4.6. Teammates KDA: 1.8. GG rito, teammates make me lose. Game is decided 98% by who gets the feeders on their team.
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