Riot's Newest Video Is Kind Of Ironic..

So, in case you don't know or haven't paid attention to it, Riot released a video explaining why, and how, their servers are the way they are. Apparently, this is the 2nd part of the "series" of videos explaining this. I do find this kind of ironic really. Riot can release explanation videos on their servers stats and so forth, but are completely incapable of making videos explaining how to play League of Legends and it's deeper mechanics to improve all players knowledge of the game and allow them to be better. Now you could say, "Well, they have a training video and a whole tutorial section in the game." You would be half correct. They made a video and a "tutorial". Both of which are as informative as a blind man picking colors out for you. (Shout out to all the blind people reading this, you rock!) Remember when Riot told us about the "Sandbox" to let us test champions, builds, items, and such? Remember when they released the "Sandbox" mode? Me neither, because they haven't. So let me get this straight, Riot can make a video explaining things about ping and server location, but can't explain how their product works in detail.. Why could that be?
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