Permanently Banned after 5 years..

Hi, I was recently permanently banned after 5 years of being on good behavior. This is how it happened: Recently, I was in the hospital due to being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. For the past 4-5 months, I've been really a buddy of mine asked me if he could use my account to duo with his friend. Being the idiot I was, I let him log on and play not thinking of the consequences. Turns out, while he was playing with his friend, he had activated 3rd party scripts. Thus, we are here today, with a permanent banned account for something I did not do. Was it my fault for letting him on my account? Yes. Should I receive a ban for account sharing? Definitely, seeing as how this must of created a negative experience for other players. But do I really deserve a permanent ban for something I did not do? I contacted Riot support about this telling them the summoner name of the person who was on the account, and to even check IP addresses, yet he still runs free on his main account elo boosting and scripting while I am perma banned. I've been a supporter of Riot for 5 years. With a clean ban history, and the amount of time I put into this account, I don't think a permanent ban is justified. Please if any Riot staff member could help me out... I really enjoyed playing this game..
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