Looking back to put some perspective on the boards complaints.

As always most of the boards posts (90%gameplay) tilt me. I'll try to hold back since you guys really don't understand how frustrating your posts are to me. Let's see Refunds. Riot gave you guys three refunds. Three you didn't have and you weren't entitled to. The boards reaction. Riot why the fuck don't we get 6 a year??!! Ranked. You guys whined for years. "Riot how come I have to play with these terrible people let me play with who I want.!!" So they do. Then you say "Riot wtf why do you let other people play with whoever they want so unfair!!!" Bans Gameplay always brings up. "Well percentage wise we should have this many bans since there this many more champions!!!" Guess what there wasn't always bans so technically they need to take away your bans since there's infinitely more bans in the game now then it's original state.... Autofill. WTF riot I had to play support once!!! O I'm sorry you must not know or remember when your pick order was decided by Elo going from highest to lowest. So if you had the lowest elo on your team you were last pick Support with 0 ban privileges. And even if you weren't lowest if first pick wanted your role. To bad for you. The state of Supports Ha! You think this is bad. Remember when you weren't allowed in lane as Support and you only roamed and were only allowed to buy boots and wards. Like really. You buy boots and twenty fucking wards in your inventory. Now go get your laners kills or stay level 3. Look I get it you want the game you like to be better every day. That's a good goal. Have some perspective and give feedback. As soon as you start demanding and whining you just look like a spoiled brat who no one wants to play with or talk to. O btw any client issues you have I laugh at. There was a time when everyone had a NA account and a EUW account because the servers went down weekly. First na for up toa week then EUW would do the same the next week when they patched. And op champions.... If you think this season had problems with OP picks you know nothing of the season 1 and 2 champ releases.

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