OKAY, I'm sick of this playing as a support;

So I recently started playing Leona. And by recently, I mean I have played 3 games with her. This last game, I went 7/2/16 (Usually as a Support I play Sona so it's more like 3/2/2397834876534) BUT, I took care of my ADC, mid-laner, jungle, etc. I helped with Dragon, used Relic Shield to heal my ADC, stunned the hell out of everyone who came NEAR me so others could grab kills. We won by a LONG shot. And still, the Zed mid laner on my team was bitching almost the entire game that I was a horrible support, KSing, etc. As someone who runs a mean support game and LOVES this role, this is the WORST. I am not trying to KS anyone, in fact I don't even believe a "ks" is a thing. I will try to secure a kill, yes, I want our KDA to be much higher, yes. I will ward, trap, stun, CC, do everything I can always to make sure MY team gets those kills. If that happens to be me when nobody else is in range (Leona's E), who cares? I am just incredibly annoyed by the harassment that comes from being a support who gets kills on occasion. Mind you this Zed went 12/2 to me 7/2...no idea why he was such a jerk. JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE SUPPORT DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO HAVE A KDA OF 0/0/231874623
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