10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D

EDIT - This contest is now done!! I sifted through the posts and entered the valid ones in a random number generator. The winner is xfcbot - Trees, Livid, French I have some leftover RP on my account so I figured I'd generate a second number and gift someone a mystery skin as well. That winner is - Lathanwalker - Giraffe, Prunes, Marbles Thank you guys for participating and happy holidays to everyone!! Hey all, I saved one of my 10$ Christmas RP gift cards for you guys this year :D All you have to do is type three words that don't make a complete sentence (example Cherry, Movement, Spain) and upvote this thread. I'll check back tomorrow morning and if this thread has 50 upvotes, I'll choose somebody at random, add them as friend, and PM them the code in client. Merry Christmas you guys! Off to do Christmas things {{summoner:12}}
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