Reasons Why You Lose Games

A) They have a {{champion:11}} B) Incompetent Teammate (Feeds, has no idea what they are doing, ect) C) Incompetent Team (You get an ace and your team decides to recall and buy items -.-) D) Troll {{champion:48}} (In draft pick, gets jg, picks an adc champ and goes bot claiming "No I'm adc") E) Champions (Your team kicks ass early game, you go 14/0/3 Jhin, you and your support are unstoppable... Then their team of late game champs hits the late game, and you end up wasting on hour of your life because your C) Incompetent Team couldn't close the game before the late game.) _These are all real things that happen every day to millions of league players. Stop the salt, stop the pain, stop the incompetence. Drink Bleach_
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