I just played with the most awesome team!

Champ select didn't start off well, before the first ban had been selected one of my teammates was raging about how bad every League player was. He was on a bit of a losing streak, and was pretty tilted. Instead of getting sucked into his rage, every single person on the team started encouraging the guy. "take deep breaths" "new game, new team" "it's ok, you're in a safe place" etc. He didn't respond well at first, insisting that riot was trying to force him down into bronze and that he was gonna play a champ he had no experience on because the game was a lost cause already. But nobody on my team was phased, every keep encouraging him and maintained an awesome atmosphere. We got into game, he was talking like he was very frustrated, but he had calmed down a lot. Then some lvl 1 shenanigans gave our team first blood, and we began to take over the game from there. Mistakes were made, but everybody was chill and took responsibility for their own mistakes. A game that had looked like it was going to be a rage fest from the first seconds of champ select, turned into one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a while. So shout out to Supermegasexyhot, Lexor43, HelloStar94, and Ms Critical Hit for being awesome members of our community!!!!
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