Surprise surprise, Riot is donating to LGBT

I'm sure to garner multitudes of downvotes as well as have this closed down by riot, but it still needs to be said. The public pandering "try to do what is nice" nonsense doesn't fool me for one. If you honestly think Riot chose that "charity" (i put that in quotes because the money goes mostly to salaries of their employees, which technically makes it a non-profit, not a charity, but w/e) for any other reason than the publicity that goes along with helping the LGBT community, then you're nuts. I'm not saying the cause of a suicide prevention hotline for youth is bad, of course those exist in many other facets not tied directly to LGBT, but i guess teen suicide is only relevant if your LGBT. I see no statistics that illustrate how many people they actually help, or if anything they do is a benefit. How many suicides were avoided? How many people even called the hotline? Who knows. You know what i do know? That i personally have three different friends who have lost a child to childhood cancer, but they don't garner nearly as much publicity, so who cares. People are dying in greater raw numbers and demographic numbers, with actual scientific cures that could be found if we would only focus on them instead. If you think a billion dollar company donated 31k to an LGBT organization out of the goodness of their hearts, go find the common sense you lost years ago. They did it for the applause, and they did it with what is pennies to them. You applaud because you were told that the greatest injustice of our generation is LGBT bullying, and you will downvote me because nobody is allowed to push back against the agenda. When i talk to my buddy who's 3 year old daughter is battling cancer, ill let him know that maybe someone would care if she was gay.
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