Thank you Riot. Truly thank you

This is kind of a sob story but has a happy ending. Ever since I started playing league I have always strived to be good at the game. I love this game even through the frustration and rage. I'm started playing in season 4 and dreamed to get gold. I wanted to be better than my friends. Season after I season I began to improve until the end of season five during the preseason I set a goal. That goal was to become a better player and get to Diamond. I played and played. I climbed through silver, made my way to gold and eventually got to platinum. Going good so far. I didn't play too much during the summer and didn't go anywhere for a while. In august I made my way to plat 1 and was stuck. I got so close to my goal but failed every time. Slowly falling down the ladder and honestly losing hope in myself. I stopped playing ranked and moved on for a bit to other games. As the end of the season got closer ranked anxiety slowly increased. I told myself that I wasn't in the mood or that because it was Monday I would have bad luck or something. I did everything to stop myself from playing. Soon September came and I was really in my most frustrated state with the game at the time. It seemed as if my goals were irrational. I got camped a lot and really couldn't take it anymore. I cared so much about winning it was hurting me. School just began and I was really in one of the most depressing parts of my life. All my friends were a year older so they graduated and stopped playing video games. The weeks went on and on a Tuesday morning, September 20th my dog Jaque (Jack) passed away. He was 14 years old and lived a life no dog could ever dream of. He was a Jack Russel Terrier, he got to chase deer, rabbits, cats. He got to roam the land and explore acres of land. He was there for me 14 of my 17 years alive. He was a brother, a friend, family to me. I hit rock bottom with depression and had no motivation to do anything. Eat, sleep, play league. My dog Max lays in the driveway waiting for Jaque to come home. He isn't coming home. I Looked at my dog Max(also 14 years old) and made a promise to him and Jack. I woudnt let this pull me down and that If I did anything, it was going to be fulfilling me dreams. I gave it my go and tried my best. Every time I got into a series I would instantly fail them. As if people riot knew and threw everything at me. Over and over I failed. On a beautiful Sunday night, I had two losses and no hope in sight. I tried giving up but told myself that I wasn't a quitter. Ya, life sucks right now, but will that stop you? I got back into game and played my heart out for the game I loved. I won game after game and sitting there shaking while hitting the nexus I fulfilled my dream. i ran downstairs and gave my dog a hug and kiss. I have never been so happy in my life. I finally made it to Diamond and my dreams came true. Thank you Riot for these experiences and saving me from what seemed like a dark future. I thank those people I had great games with and those who stayed positive even through what seemed like an unwinnable game. Thank you. - Kinkoh
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