@Riot, why remove Team Builder?

Hello, just wanted to ask one very simple question without whining and while also giving context: **When you are adding the new Draft mode to NA servers, why are you removing Team Builder and not Normal Draft Mode?** From what I understand, the new draft mode (which is awesome BTW, helped playtest it once or twice on PBE) is going to eventually become the new draft mode for ranked. Also, from what I understand, Team Builder was created for the same purpose but failed in some categories. Now in the time since Team Builder was released, its role has shifted in the community from being that of the new draft mode to being the mode where you want to play a very specific champion and role to test something out, have fun, etc. Given that Team Builder now serves as a guaranteed place to try out a champion against other people, why not leave it in? There is really no other mode that fills this role: In normals, you are rushing against five other people to get the exact champion you want, in draft it is even harder given bans and pick order, and bots is way too easy. As for the second part of my question, I understand there would be too many game modes to keep queue times low, so why not eliminate the old normal draft mode? The new draft is going to replace ranked eventually, and the current normal draft is simply ranked without the rankings, so what harm could this do? If the new mode has errors, you can simply put normal draft back, and if it does work, the community has both a better normal draft mode and a mode to test out champions in without any fear of getting the exact champion they want to play taken away or banned. TL;DR Team Builder gives guarantee of specific champion, new draft will replace old draft eventually anyway. Thanks for hearing me out, a response of any kind would be appreciated so I can understand the reasoning behind the decision. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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