Plat 5+ Ranked 5's Team looking for members

Hello and Welcome Summoners! We are looking to start a ranked 5’s team(s)! The objective of these teams is to basically have a main roster(A team) and a side roster(B team).*BOTH TEAMS WILL BE EQUAL OR NEARLY THE SAME SKILL. Each team can swap players if needed in order to play r5s as much as possible. But, in general both teams should be on their own schedules and play separately. Requirements: -Plat 5 ranking and above -positive attitude(duh) -must be above age 15 -have constant communication w/team -way to contact outside of league (phone, email, etc) -be able to play from 4est-11est(obviously we will not play 7 hours daily) Roster: A Team: Top:Loli Squad Kappa(plat 5) Jungle: Mid:Tommmyy(diamond 5) Adc:WhytKiD(plat 2) (*can play both adc and support) Support: B team: Top Jungle: Mid: Adc: Support: Coaches: TBD Manager: Fipple Application Age: Role: Best Champions: SoloQ rank: Where you think you should be placed: what is your personality like: Preference of Communication: Playstyle(Aggressive, Passive, etc): Timezone: Previous r5 experience(yes/no): Tournament experience(yes/no): Can you make our schedule(yes/no): How much do you play daily: What do you think of Teemo:

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