League of Parents

*This is a shout out to all our leaguing parents out there! You're doing great and we love you.* So, the other day I was with my two young sons talking with a lady at the grocery store when she saw the "Riot" logo on my wallet. I explained it was an online game - which instantly repulsed her. She muttered, "Poor kids...hope you still spend time with them." Uh. Ouch. Have you ever experienced a certain amount of prejudice being a gamer parent? For me, it is an outlet. After I've tucked my kids into bed at night, after I've cleaned the jelly off my face and the crumbs off the floor, after I've taken out the trash and cleaned up my kids' cat box, after I've scrubbed the walls of crayons and marker...I sit down, plug in my headset, and pentakill the s*** outta everything I see. Because, I am a parent. I'm not perfect. League for me is a way to unwind after some of the hardest days of my life. It's a way for me to scream in anger or cheer in victory after spending an entire day keeping my composure. I'll spend some RP and buy myself a skin, and what no one else sees is - that's the only thing I've done for myself all week. Hell, at this point I probably haven't even showered! *Jokes* So, if you're a league mom, or a league dad - You're doing great, and keep up the good work. Your job as a parent is the most important job in the world, and if some LoL can help you cope with the stress and pressure that job can put on you then don't apologize for it. You're still a good parent, in fact, you're a great parent.

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