Overwatch is similar to League???

While everyone on the web was going... OVERWATCH COPIED TF2! I actually thought a bit and found out a few of the heros from Overwatch are also very similar to ones in league. First of all Braum and Riendhardt both have a sheild, Small Projectile, and charges. The only difference is that the charge for braum cant go any where it can only go on teamates. Then theres Thresh and Roadhog which only have a small similarity which is there hook. It it literally exactly the same, you could also say that Thresh's lantern is similar to roadhogs but I dont rly agree, Roadhogs ult and Thresh's move "Flay" are also similar because of the knockback. Next one is pretty obvios and its Heimerdinger and Torbjorn, Because obviosly they both have turrets, ther ults are pretty similar if Torb uses it while his turret is up. Lucio is a bit like sona because of Buff Effect changing in AOE. Reaper is like Lucian purely because of looks. Kaitlin and Jhin are both similar to Widowmaker for obvious reasons. Anyway thats all ive got if I missed any tell me and hopefully you learned something! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} The Overwatch link isnt a sponsor im using it incase anyone wants to find hero resemblances!
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