How I leveled up IRL through video games

If you haven't already seen it, Riot Neon posted this video segment on a neat guy named Brian "Chef Lu Bu" Smawley, whose love of video games helped him discover a new passion for cooking. It's called Chef Lu Bu: Professional Feeder, and you can watch it right above. I'll admit my {{item:3070}} stacked a few times while watching this, because I can relate -- this is a story about someone who was a bit aimless, but found that his love for nerdy stuff helped him cultivate other interests and passions into a truly badass job. I was that person, too. Throughout most of my young adult life I could be fairly described as "smart, but lazy." It wasn't until I seriously dug into competitive video games (in my case, it was fighting games -- shoutouts to *Capcom vs. SNK 2*) that I discovered being "smart" didn't mean anything if I wasn't willing to work hard to win games, and that mentality translated over to real-life school, work, etc. Also, I found out that I liked to write, and started writing about video games. Without video games, I never would have started writing, picked up other hobbies like martial arts, or met my best friends. I think that great video games become a part of you, just like great books and movies do; they can help us explore new interests, find new activities, and introduce us to awesome new people. So, I'm curious -- **what have video games given you?** Have you explored a new skill or hobby, or found a goal to work for? How have games changed your life?
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