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[Petition Click here]( [Reddit Click here ]( > Around 3 years ago, Riot Games made the decision to indefinitely sponsor players with RP-prized online tournaments. This was a wonderful opportunity for the players that allowed them to be able to foster healthy and friendly communities for people to meet and play League of Legends together. League of Legends online tournaments also offer the average player the opportunity to test their abilities against other people without having to worry about traveling. > > Since making this decision, Riot has halved the RP prize pools, resulting in lower player turnout as well as fewer active members in the communities surrounding these tournaments. > > Riot has now released a statement announcing the discontinuation of the RP-prized online tournament support, which you can read here. The thread has received a large amount of negative feedback consisting of hundreds of down-votes and comments showing severe disapproval by all sorts of players. > > Riot Game's reasoning for this decision lacks a sufficient explanation and comes as a shock to many of the communities involved. > > > > This is a list of just some of the communities that will be affected by this change: > > Imperial Gaming > > Fyre Gaming > > Hydral > > High Koalaty Gaming > > Galactic Gaming > > Absolute Gaming > > Victorious Gaming > > NXGamers > > Evolution Gaming > > Full Skill Gaming > > Melee Strike Gaming - Yes we know there are more than likely other servers out there, and we need your help to let your player base know help! Ending online tournaments would being ending so many others things that go along with being a league of legends player! From, Every Tournament hoster!
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