How do I convince a Bronze Tier player to believe he is bronze?

Dont even comment if you are going to say "you cant" (My story just skip this paragraph if you want a shorter article) I am gold 3 in league of legends. I have been playing for many years, and my knowlege and skill for the game has grown significantly. I remember in late season 3, being bronze and wondering why the match making system put me there while all my friends sat above me in silver. The next season i ended up in bronze V thinking "oh crap ive heard terrible things about this place im done" i continued to play and play. Finally after 6 months i got out of bronze V and into bronze IV (it was for real, not a lucky spree) i began to quickly climb out of bronze, realizing what I was doing wrong this whole time. Eventually I made it to silver before the season ended. Then continued climbing and so on until we reach now. Why am I telling you this? Because I felt anger to someone going through this exact same thing. I was talking to someone on my bus because he was talking about league, and he told me he was bronze V and all the normal things a bronze would say, i.e. My teammates suck and anivia is a support. Then he told me "i got gold because of luck, that my provisionals gave me a high elo and i got more lp than i lost when i went 50/50" Before i continue, I just want to say this is such a flawed mindset. He already knew i had over 400 games played, so this wasnt me getting placed in diamond because i got lucky. If i was really a skrub like him I would be bronze V after these 400 games. Anyways everything I told him he claimed was wrong. So i asked him this very question: what is the difference between a diamond and a plat. I have friends in diamond and in high plat, that I have duo'd with so yes I actually know what some differences are not only between the groups, but also between me and them. He responded "they got carried" and when I asked by who, he responded, "Someone of a higher ranking, who got there in the early seasons before anyone else started playing. Our arguement went on, until i eventually said "what about elo boosters? You pay them x amount of money and they get you from rank a to rank b." He again said they were pros and they again duo. Throughout this whole conversation i noticed one common variable, he didnt understand why he was bronze. He believed anyone plat+ was carried, and got used to playing at that level so they became good. I on the other hand being mid gold, got lucky. For a while I was mad about him because he had called me "bad" that gold 3 is "no better than bronze 5" But what i soon realized is that I had a similar mindset. When I was bronze I not only complained about teammates, but believed anyone gold+ just got lucky with good teammates. What I wonder now is how do you change that mindset? If you can manipulate it in such a way to make the person realize what a gold is doing differently than a bronze, they will not complaining and eventually climb out. So, How do you change a bronze tier player to believe that he is bronze?
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