Riot you done did it.

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So, I've probably deserved this, but with all my skins and purchases and I only have one other account which has like nothing on it, this is too far. I'm not gonna quit because I'm fuckin addicted to this piece of shit. The worst thing I said that game that I got perma-banned for was "FUCK," because I got baited. Didn't say it towards anyone, and I was with everyone in my team for that game. Wasn't even in call chat. That's a little too harsh don't you think? Like no chat restriction or anything? I've had friends that intent feed and curse all game and haven't ever been chat restricted/banned or anything of that sort. Just hoping for someone to think about this at least. I'm not complaining because I know I'm a bit toxic but this is just a bit too far riot. (tencent)

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