How do i find my main roles?

Sounds strange doesnt it? But i have a problem finding my main roles. In every role there is something that i like and love doing but at the same time there is something that i hate doing or i cant. I like playing top cause i love playing tanks and champions who are there to start the fight and roam but at the same time i hate the laning phase. Its boring and its an easy gank. I have no problem playing midlane and i mostly win my lanes if i get my mains but it feels so opened midlane i feel like im the one who should do everything when im mid. I decided to main jungle for a while cause i liked that i dont have to worry about warding my lane and i can go to the enemy jungle but my decision making is terrible and im always there where i shouldnt be. Support and adc are the roles that ill mostly only play when im premade. And since the fill button is 99% support i dont know what to put in my roles. How can i decide this?
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