Obvious answers aside here's the deal: I have been inviting Phreak (or his account Riot Phreak) to almost every game I have queued into since mid season 1. it started as a joke/dare from my friend who said I wouldn't do it but now it has become a running inside joke with my friends to always invite Phreak to our games. Well now it's season 4 and I have invited Phreak to thousands of games, but to date he has never accepted a single invite (he even went as far as to decline the game invite once). As a summoner who has been a loyal and active fan of League since season 1, I am getting a little bored of Phreak and Rito just ignoring me. As such I have set my sights beyond the range of the original inside joke and now I bring my case to the forums in hopes of actually accomplishing the greatest feat any League pleb has achieved to date, getting Phreak senpai to notice me. Though I have bleak hopes of my success I am prepared with all the tools required, I have built my {{item:3078}} , stacked my {{item:3160}} , and have my {{summoner:11}} at the ready. As such I hereby declare a direct challenge to Phreak to either accept a game invite that I send to him or {{summoner:11}} me upon these forums and end the game once and for all. If people in the forum help me in getting Phreak's attention and he accepts my game invite I will not only screen cap the pre-game screen, I will get a twitch and stream the match shirtless. I will post both the picture and the link to my twitch in this thread, and I will even record the game so it can be watched by those who missed it. I may just be one crazy pleb shouting at Phreak to be a man and do the incredible, but if enough other plebs ban together and shout with me, maybe, just maybe, a shirtless miracle can happen. Also don't get your minds in a gutter about the "Shirtless stream." I am a guy, so if you're here for the tatas, then go find some other dark corner of the internet to satisfy your wants. This is a fight for JUSTICE, not for perverts. TLDR: Upvote and comment if you want Phreak to {{summoner:11}} me on the forums, or if you want me to shirtless stream a game with Phreak. Edit: I realize Phreak is in Korea currently, that worlds are a thing, and that Phreak is busy dealing #punsofdamage, hence the "obvious answers aside" but my hope is to attract enough attention to the board that someone in Rito finds this post, and delivers my message to Phreak upon his return. Also thanks so much guys for bringing so much attention to this board! There may actually be a shot of this happening if this board keeps growing at this rate!
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