[2/26] NA Login Issues - RESOLVED

> #***UPDATE 4:09pm PST*** > We believe that the latest rounds of fixes we deployed seemed to have resolved the issue. We are going to continue monitoring closely, but once the initial login queue is drained, there should be no long waits getting into the client. > Thanks for everyone sticking with us during this! <3! -------------------------------------------------------------- > #***UPDATE 3:46pm PST*** > Fixes have been deployed and we re-enabled the Login Queue. We are still in the testing phase, so we are going to keep a close eye on things to see if anything changes. > More updates to follow once we get a better idea! -------------------------------------------------------------- > #***UPDATE 3:43pm PST*** > We got another round of fixes that we are going to try and deploy out. Unfortunately this means we have to disable the login queue again. For the time being, no one will be able to enter the queue! > Once they are deployed and the queue is back up, we'll update everyone. -------------------------------------------------------------- > #***UPDATE 3:29pm PST*** > The fixes we deployed earlier hasn't seemed to resolve the root cause of the issue. We are currently looking at other possible solutions and are heads down focused. > I wish I could give some better news, but once we have some new information, I'll update everyone! -------------------------------------------------------------- > #***UPDATE 2:44pm PST*** > We deployed the fixes and brought the login queue back up. We are still heavily monitoring and testing to see if this has helped drain the login queue and allowed players to get into the client quickly. > Once we get some further info or confirmations, we'll pass it along! -------------------------------------------------- > #***UPDATE 2:31pm PST*** >We are deploying some additional fixes that should hopefully get everyone into the client faster. In doing so, we actually have to pause the login queue. For the time being, no one will be able to get past the queue. >As soon as this fix is deployed (no exact ETA just yet), we are going to flip the switch back on and hopefully get everyone in quicker. ---------------------------------------------- > #***UPDATE 2:16pm PST*** > We are currently testing some changes to the login queue that should help get players in smoothly. We haven't pushed the change out completely though. We want to make sure to do a limited test first to make sure it doesn't cause any further issues. >Once we get some results from the test, we'll update all of you! ----------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, We know that many of you are experiencing a hefty login queue getting into the client. We have been tracking this issue since it started around ~9:30am PST and have all hands on deck investigating and triaging. While we can’t provide an ETA currently, we will provide further updates once we get more information. You can also check out the [Server Status Page](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#na). In the meantime, if you get into queue to login, just sit tight and we’ll get you into the client as quickly as we can.
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