Riot Games Merch Store Incoming [COMPLETED]

Hey everyone! We’re glad you could stop by to chat with us. We know that many of you have been excited about merch for a while now, which is why we’re excited to finally share our plans to soon launch a beta version of the Riot Games Merch Store. We spent the past year building a team specifically dedicated to creating merch and developing an experience that we hope resonates with all of you as League of Legends players and fans. Today I’m joined by Bradmore (our director of merch) and Riot Tocelot (aka JLeezy, our senior manager leading our store efforts), and we’re going to share some info around our plans for the future of merch and also talk about some of the decisions we made when we kicked off this whole journey. This’ll include why we created a new merch store, why we’re launching in beta and what to expect if your region is not part of the initial beta roll-out. We also want to talk about a few of the items we plan to launch with and how some of that merch came to life. So let’s get rolling… ask us anything! **Edit: We are heading back to work to get cranking on getting the store up and running. Will try to check periodically on the post to answer any questions that may be bubbling up. *I love you.***
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