Frejlord Background story?

After an aram game, instead of clicking victory right away, I alt tabbed for a while. When came back to the victory screen a woman started talking. I was interested so didn't click the continue button. She started talking about how no one knows how the howling abyss came to be, its origin, the battle, or who lived there. Then she started talking about the 3 sisters before {{champion:22}} ,{{champion:113}} , and{{champion:127}} . How they were given magical powers by these people or things, which then the 3 sisters were called "Iceborn". In return they gave them anything they wanted, and even sacrificed something important for them. But one of the 3 sisters, Averosa was unthankful (according to this woman who is one of the sisters), and she wanted freedom. So Averosa fought and led people against them something like that. The story ended there and said something about a story for another time. So I am wondering what was this? Was this always in league? Is this some sort of teaser or something. I have no idea. Someone please explain this
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