Question Time: Who do you main? Why? ^^

#Time to learn about people's mains! Just some questions out of curiosity. I want to know how other people feel and think about their main(s). I also want to know if there are people out there that main unpopular champions. ^^ Sorry in advance for such a huge post! x) Most of the questions are subjective and you don't have to answer them all. Some questions may not have any answers. I'll be satisfied with just a very short answer if you don't have the time to answer everything. Anything will do. ;) I'm gonna respond to these too as an example. :) First question's first: #Do you main a champion? --- ##If **not**: Why not? Do you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades? Or are you just unsure who to main? Or maybe you're a new player looking for someone to main? Do you think you'll ever main a champion (or more than one)? Why? Which champions do you play the most as of now? Are they meta, really strong, role-specific or do you just find them fun to play as? Anything else you may want to add? --- ##If **yes**: How many champions do you main? If you main **one** champion, do you consider yourself a one-trick pony? If you main **more than one**, do you have any preferences between your mains or pick one more often than others? Who do you main? Why do you main them? What do you love most about your main(s)? Is there something you don't like about your main(s)? Is/are your main(s) a popular pick? Is/are your main(s) mained a lot? Which level are you with your main? How many mastery points do you have for you main(s) in total? Do you think the number of mastery points have some correlation to how skillful a player is with your main(s)? When did you start maining your current main(s)? How much have you been playing League? Did you have any other mains before? In which roles do you play your main(s)? Who do you find **easiest** to go against as your main(s)? Who do you find **hardest** to go against? Why? Can you find your way against counters? Do you consider yourself **good** playing as your main(s)? Is it easy for you to spot mistakes made other players playing your main(s)? Do you know people who main the same champion(s) as you? Do you think they are better or worse then you (don't name them please ^^')? Do you have someone/something you can learn from (friend, coach, youtuber, guides, reddit, statistics etc.)? Do you think your main champion(s) is/are balanced right now? Is/are he/she/they going to get changed or reworked soon? If yes, how do you feel about the changes? Any cool random info (tip, trick, lore, mechanic, bug, anything really) about your main(s) that you want to share that many may not know? Rate your main(s) from a scale of 1-10. Would you recommend your main(s) to other players? Would you recommend your main(s) to new players? Why? Which other champions apart from your main(s) do you play often? Why? Anything else you may want to add? --- #My answers! > Do you main a champion? Yeah I do! I main **Lux**. Only **Lux**. {{champion:99}} ##I absolutely **love** Lux. Yes, I consider myself a one-trick pony even though my champion pool is not the small. I play her in half of my games and always have her as a pick when I don't really know who to play. Here's what's beautiful: she's mechanically simple to play, and very easy to pick up for the first time thanks to her very simple kit, but at the same time, she has a high skill-cap. This is mostly due to the fact that all four of her abilities are skillshots and her passive requires her to use her basic attacks on her opponents, something a mage usually doesn't do that often, especially the immobile ones. She is this glass-cannon that can dish out high damage from such an incredible distance that she can pretty much have 200 hp and still be very impactful in teamfights. I like how she's able to severely punish slight mispositioning and how she can surprise people with that double-snare. The buff they gave to her Q a while back was really needed and the nerf they gave to her W made her pretty balanced. Her pick rate is about 7.1%, which is a bit lower than the average of all champions, and for that I'm quite happy. Her ban rate is about 0.5%, so almost non-existent, so also something I'm happy with. ^^ > Which level are you with your main? How many mastery points do you have for you main(s) in total? I'm level 7 right now with only 605k mastery points. Trying to aim for that sweet 1m mastery points (but it's so far away T^T). With Lux, the more points you get, the less meaning those points have, but I guess that holds true for most champions. As stated before, Lux is a mechanically simple champion, and thus the first points are really significant, since you learn a lot from just a handful of games. When you reach lvl 5, you should be at least decent with her. However, there are still things that can't be measured in mastery points, but determines a player's skill on Lux. For example, her skillshots: How good is your aim? Do you know the max range of her spells? Do you know their hitboxes? Do you know how to use them as zoning tools? Are you familiar with the cast times of her Q, E and R? > When did you start maining your current main(s)? Funnily enough, I started to main her when I was level 1. Right after the tutorial, I hopped into my very first Coop vs AI game. Since in the tutorial I played as Ashe, I wanted to pick her too. But you know what? Other players had the same thought. Ashe was already picked, so I was forced to play another champion. I picked Lux for whatever reason. Since that game, I enjoyed Lux a lot. She's the very first champion I bought. 3150 IP it was. That was about a year and a 2-3 months ago, so I've been maining Lux ever since I first started playing League. I have never mained another champion. > Do you consider yourself **good** playing as your main(s)? Yes I do. I don't think I'm a trash player. I think of myself as an average League player (maybe more casual thanks to my lag sometimes), and when playing Lux, I consider myself a better-than-average Lux player. In short - yes, I think I'm a good Lux player. I can easily spot a mistake or a misplay made by another Lux player. I can also see if that Lux player could've done a better job. **And**, I can also see if that Lux player is really good at the champion. But I can understand that they don't main her so I don't have many problems with that (if any). Plus I never flame so pointing out their mistakes is not something I do (unless they requested my help for improvement, in that case I'll be happy to explain their mistakes and teach them how to it properly). I currently am in a club with a few other Lux mains. And I'm always happy to see them play Lux and do exactly I would've done (if not slightly better or worse). Seeing other players play my main to a great level makes me smile. :) I have learned to play Lux and build her on my own, after all, she's a mechanically simple champion, and experience counts most. Item choices come in naturally. I can't tell if she's balanced right now or slightly underpowered. Maybe she **is** balanced but doesn't fit into the meta perfectly. She's great especially when queuing solo. Right now her winrates are pretty normal. She has a 50% winrate across all the ranking ladder, but declines the higher you go up the ladder. For example, her winrate in Silver is 49.6%, which is good, but in Diamond, her winrate becomes 46.1%, which is horrible. > Any cool random info (tip, trick, lore, mechanic, bug, anything really) about your main(s) that you want to share that many may not know? Did you know? Lux's ultimate **can't** hit targets she can't see. The out-of-vision champions get revealed by the laser so it's no problem, but if she gets near-sighted (like for example Nocturne R, Graves W or Quinn Q), her ult does **0** damage to targets she doesn't have vision of. This also applies to invisible champions. She can't hit invisible targets (Teemo passive, Akali W, Rengar/Kha'zix R, Shaco Q etc.). > Rate your main(s) from a scale of 1-10. I rate Lux **11/10**. I love her too much to give her any less. She's a champion I'd recommend to newer players, since she's easy to play. However I'd warn them about how easy it is to kill a Lux, so they'll have to be careful. --- > Anything else you may want to add? I love Lux! Thanks for reading the entire post if you did! Have a nice day! I want to hear about your main(s) too!
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