Quitting after 3 years

So I have been playing League of Legends for very close to 3 years. I have a main account and my original where I lost the password. But all good. I have invested close to 500 dollars in this game. I truly do really love this game. However I'm finally calling it quits because after 3 years I'm still in Bronze. During the end of season 4 I pretty much gave up on ranked. The amount of losers, bad players, negativity, dcs, and bullshit. I have had it. People who read this won't care but after 3 years I know the ends and outs of every champ, counters, ward placement, meta picks, good nonmetallic picks, follow lcs but don't copy everything they do. I made tons of friends from lol in gold plus elo and everyone of them tell me I am at VERY least gold. My most recent games haven't been great because I got banned from ranked for awhile and have to draft. Why you get banned???? Well shitty players and me raging over a dumb game. Riot doesn't listen to the community. Also they release zed chroma with zero black ninja. Wtf. Anyway, I just can't stand bad players anymore and I'm leaving this game. Peace to everyone that someone pushed through the casuals and noobs. And I hope all the unskilled raging bad players have a great time where teemo was born. Bye to all.
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