Ao Shin/Shaco Rework? Info I've found.

Tried my best here lol Source of info- I just found some extra stuff THINGS TO NOTE: Shaco Rework = VU This is just a really big set of conspiraces meaning I could be completely wrong MAKING CHANGES --- Azir's Page is blacked out *no splash* Twisted Fate has a "Azir" Thing sketched on the top of the screen. Twisted fate has a new red card with the japanese letters that spell "Shin" All of Twisted fate's cards are white Twisted Fate Betrayed Graves in the lore and guess what that fog. Lets look at some more champions. Xerath. He has the rocks moved around in his Splash and he is further than before Xerath Betrayed Azir. Zed. His splash is darker and guess what's behind zed? His Ghost. Zed was killed by his shadow in his lore. Zed betrayed Shen's father before he was killed. Notice the Ghost. It looks much different. It's Smoother, No shurikans, New Hood, Robes are ripped and blades are different than Zed is now. Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia betrayed Sivir. Cassiopeia is a cursed human. Lissandra. She is closer to the bridge and look at the bridge it is MUCH different The Bridge is destroyed more than it is in the splash art above. The Eye of the Watchers glow much brighter. Leblanc. Now Leblanc is a Deciever. She Betrays anyone she can. The Stairs she is on. She is much further up them. You can see up into the other rooms. Hecarim. Hecarim has a weird box behind his face. Resembles a jack in the Box from shaco. Twisted Fate's White Cards and red one resemble the jack in the box's color sheme same with Shacos. --- Shaco emits smoke whenever he Qs. These champions have smoke. There is also a little spark from shaco's Q Shaco's Rework Confirmed? --- What about the thing I said about "Shin"? In Ao Shin's confirming. It shows a concept of his abilites and as you know it. The lightning is teal. They Said Ao Shin was going to a antagonist someone. and as you know all of the selected champions Have betrayed something. --- Zed his master Twisted Fate and Graves Xerath and Azir Cass and Sivir Leblanc is a deciver. Liss betrayed the watchers Shaco also decives people. Ao Shin is going to be evil. --- All the selected champions CAN represent a deadly sin. Twisted Fate: Greed Xerath: Pride Zed: Envy Cassiopeia: Lust Liss: Sloth Hecarim: Wrath Leblanc: Gluttony **MADE CHANGES TO LEBLANC, ZED AND LISS** Now to sum it up. Shaco Rework/Ult skin? Ao Shin's Confirming? --- Now one more thing about the splash arts Akali has her old splash Anvia has Chinese Splash Oh Look at this one? Blitzcrank's Pulling arm is broken Cait has old splash Cho'Gath has a really weird splash... Draven. Here we go. Biggest one here. Draven is holding one axe. It's spinning BUT one side is broken. It look's seared The sky looks blue and clear. In his old splash the sky is dark and storming. Kayle has red demonic wings Lee has old splash Kog has old splash All Champions with splash art updates have old splash THIS INCUDES VIKTOR Just looked as yasuo's. It's sunrise in his normal splash But in the one in the banner it's sundown. Zac is brighter and MUCH closer to the banner Volibear's splash has two eyes in the clouds on his background now Same goes for Nunu One of kha'zix's trees in his splash is cutdown Jayce's background is messed up and blurry while he himself is a brighter tone Lucian has been flipped around in his background splash. The Moon on Diana's Splash has been moved up. and the temple is more destroyed in the normal splash Warwick has new hairdoo and splash. This is all i can find. Edit: Had some help There are MANY other Splash arts I missed ({{champion:85}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} ) * **cough** * **OK I FOUND SOMETHING NEW WITHIN THE SOURCE CODE I FOUND THIS WITHIN THE ANIMATIONS** **** **IT SHOWS IT'S A TEASER** --- Ok looked up the name "Kalista" to see what I could find. I found some pretty convinicing stuff. What if Riot is just leading us into the wrong area to think Ao Shin is being Released? This Kalista fellow is suppostedly hunting these 7 people shrowed in clouds. I'm confused now. I honestly do not know. --- Shaco Rework/Ao Shin release MAYBE Kalista Release
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