My thoughts on ARURF

I'm am now approaching my 2 year anniversary of playing League of Ledends. I have realized that playing for a long time makes league boring, when riot announced urf was coming back in the rotating game mode queue, my heart stoped, because urf is not just a fun game mode it allows someone's perspective to be changed on the game. ARURF is not really adding a good new persective to the game that we all like and will enjoy, because making it so someone can't choose there champion and instead have the game choose for you, it's just not fair for the players. URF does not need to be balanced to be a good game mode. Riots understanding for unbalance does not make any sense, take jax for example, jax has an ability that makes ADC useless on him, as well as a aoe stun and other unbalanced game play to his kit, and riot thinks that Jax is totally balanced and fair, but they think that a fun ass unbalanced featured game mode that brings life to there game is not balanced at all. I think that's makes sense don't you? My face at riot games {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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