Help Me Choose a 6300 Champion

Hey guys I recently started playing ranked and I found these five champions the most hardest and challenging to face. I am really good with adapting to new champions and I can play all roles. I want the League of Legends community to help me choose a champion for the ranked games :p. Here are the five 6300 Champions : Aatrox (Top/Jungle; Great passive good damage output) Vi (Jungler/Top; Good jungling phase and awesome damage in ganks) Kha'Zix (Jungle/Top/Mid; Good snow baller and easy to use kit) Elise (Jungle/Top/Mid; Complex but has a lot of useful skills) Draven (Adc/Top; Great laning phase and almost unstoppable when fed but needs axe catches) and these are the five champions. Please tell me in the comments what I should choose for ranked! Thanks guys!

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