so heres my day smurfing

win a game wit a 5 man for fun, next game lose 70% contribution hiemer useless trolling since he didnt get jungle, Next game draven int feeds games over basically just afk'd all game, next game win hard carry a 4 man of trolling idiots np. Next game duo int feeds for seemingly no reason picks support zac and jungle vlad trolls in champ select basically they go 1-10 each while top goes 2-10. Next game start with an afk blitzcrank while im adc, im 4-0 games over because sure blitz returns goes 0-3 and our 0-4 toplaner rage quits after dying again like a fucking scrub. Cant even chillout and play different roles/champions because well im forced to afk for 3 games in a row thanks to riots amazing ban system/ afking! But glad I wanst called racial slurs that really matters more than players int ruining games Kappa Now imagine If I didnt have unlimited time to play I would have wasted an hour of my life because riot cant get their shit straight. No wonder new players/ casuals really hate this game you cant get through 10 games without someone intentionally losing or afking.

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