So, I was jungling on my smurf and this conversation happened.

*I was camping bot lane since I was duoing with the support. Our Adc is 5/0 7 minutes into the game with about 30 CS.* ADC: Stop fcking ganking. Me: But I got you fed =____=?? ADC: I don't want to be fed, they will start focusing me now Me & Supp : ........what? 5 minutes later, their Vi and Zed dove our ADC under bot outter tower and killed him but we traded 1 for 4 and took the drag. (He was 9-1 by then) ADC: FUCK that's why I don't want to be fed, I fucking hate dying. Fucking shit jungler. and he went AFK ..... What? What the fuck?? _**WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK????????????**_
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