I'm feeling increasingly frustrated with Riots' support for alternative game modes (rant)

I've been a fan of alternative game modes (Dominion & Twisted Treeline) ever since the end of Season One when Dominion was released. I'm known in the Dominion community as a seasoned veteran of the game, and only recently have been dabbling in Twisted Treeline. Why am I frustrated? There's a giant list of reason why. To name a few: 1. No rewards for playing Dominion. Some of us have over 1500 games played, some of us even have over 2000 **wins**, and you know what we got? A hunk of coal. Actually I wish we got that, because that means we would have gotten something. 2. The "negelcted step child" treatment: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4019603 Look at all the promises made. How many have been completed? 3. No action by Riot to help revive the mode in any way. They claim there's a bleeding playerbase (which we can all agree to) but they have taken no action in putting any kind of bandaid on it. 4. There is no tutorial even after countless suggestions from the community. The community made their own tutorials but it's hard to get new players to find these videos unless they search for them or ask for help. Recently, we have had some help from some very dedicated Rioters who have become highly respected within the community. Map specific balancing has increased the QoL of Dominion & TT very well (we <3 you MWAB/RiotNome). I'm having a very hard time wanting to play Dominion or Twisted Treeline anymore (which means playing League at all as I don't enjoy Summoners Rift) because of the lack of QoL updates for both modes. The Rioters who are currently assigned to the task are trying their best but there's only a few of them. Five at most. How is a team of 5 people supposed to keep a balanced mode where just on the other side of the building, theres 5 TEAMS dedicated to the LIVE DESIGN of summoners rift? It feels as if Morello/Tamat and other high ups just want the Dominion Community to disband and leave this game so they can finally put an end to it and delete the mode. The only reason why I'm still around is because of the hard work those 5 Rioters have put into Twisted Treeline and Dominion to keep it viable. They added bork into Dominion to help ADC's, they shifted items around to help balance power, and they even nerfed (not buffed yet) problem champions like Kassadin and Nidalee. On top of that, I hear all these things from Ranked 3s that just makes me not want to play Ranked 3s. I hear there are people selling Challenger spots for S3 rewards (really?). It forces people out who actually earned that 3s Challenger spot because they've been playing for the entire year where this one random team comes and knocks them out simply because they played more recently. There's tons of scripted AI bots in Co-op vs ai that are running to get people RAF rewards. I've even encountered someone who runs 25 bots purely to make his other account get free RAF rewards for doing nothing. He's been doing it to random accounts for 2 years with no penalty. None of the bots or accounts receiving rewards have been punished. At all. I'm sorry.. I'm just frustrated that I had to play a game mode I don't love to get these "rewards". Call me sour. Call me bitter. I'm frustrated. Really, really frustrated. It feels like theres no action being taken simply because it's not Summoners Rift. What makes it even worse is that the Summoners Rift players who are elitist about it (aka, Riftards) just make fun of any attempt to get anyone on the outside interested in these game modes. "It's just Dominion" "It's fast, it's fun" (fk you hotshot. That ruined so much). Oh and, I'm not calling ALL summoner rift players riftards. Just the elitist ones. Dominion is a Riot product, why do you want it to fail? EDIT: I posted here on the Community Forums because General Discussion is a horrible place to get a general discussion going.
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